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What is VPN? Do I really need VPN?

VPN April 2, 2017

VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network.
It is a process or method of connection to the internet. It provides a secure and private browsing and usage of the internet. As all the data sent and received are all encrypted. It will protect all your most valuable data’s from snoopers of data sent and received.


Usually asked Questions on VPN?

1.) Do I really need VPN?
– Yes. At these present time, as we are being boldly advertise individually on social medias, forums, classified ads sites and others. Our privacy are being exposed tremendously. Even our valuable things such as bank accounts, credit cards, passwords, conversations are being read by snoopers or hackers. By using Virtual Private Network system, the data’s that you send coming from your computer, all data’s will pass thru your VPN provider and encrypting it. So, if it travels thru the internet, it is safe that nobody can read it.

2.) Does my internet connection speeds up when I use vpn?
– These vpn providers uses some kind of caching and reduce throttling on your network providers, does seems make your internet look a little bit faster. Sometimes, you have to change country servers to get the best signal at that specific time you are connecting to the internet.

3.) What if I use a public wifi, such as in the coffee shop, fastfood restaurants, malls and others? Do I still get the same security?
– Yes, you still get the same security. Regardless, where you connect, your personal VPN will secure your internet browsing sessions and encrypt all the data that you will send and receive.

4.) Can I stay anonymous over the internet?
– Yes, VPN do create an encrypted tunnel from your computer to the VPN server. And from the VPN server, you can go through visit any website, sending emails, doing transactions online, download files and yet still being anonymous.

5.) What Happen if I was able to visit a malware infested sites?
– VPN providers being the one doing the connections to the site. They have malware detection softwares that detects and blocks these sites before these sites infects your devices.

6.) Can my VPN bypass my internet provider data cap?
– There are VPN provider like Hotspot Shield that provides data compression on their VPN . It will not bypass the limit, but it will compress your data usage and send a much lesser data consumption compared to your regular data usage.

With the above informations, for your security and your files and valuable data security, Get your VPN now!!!

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